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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Livestrong Bracelets for Fundraising

Livestrong bracelets have become popular as it helps in promoting a cause. These bracelets are available in bright yellow color with "Livestrong" written on it. This band was launched in May 2004 for helping cancer victims. When Lance Armstrong released such a type of wristband, charities and other non-profit organizations turned to them for help. Due to its immense popularity, livestrong wristbands became supporting several other causes which includes breast cancer awareness, military support and AIDS.

This trend became very popular and people of all age groups started promoting multiple causes. It has become so popular that you will see people wearing such a kind of bracelet. Livestrong bracelets educate people about cancer and encourage those affected. In 2004, when Lance Armstrong Foundation introduced this band, he wanted to raise $25 million dollars for creating awareness and raising money for cancer victims. Within 6 months, nearly 70 million bracelets worth $1 each were sold. Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) believes that if people want to fight against cancer, awareness and knowledge should be created among people.

Many people want to know why Lance Armstrong chose Yellow color to create awareness. As yellow is the color of Jersey, it is worn by the leader Tour de France. This was the main reason for him to choose. Many famous personalities like John Kerry, Katie Couric, Matt Doman and various other personalities started wearing this kind of band.

Many people think what's special in this band. Wearing a livestrong wristband makes a powerful statement about the wearer and they shout and tell the world-"I care". This movement gained much popularity when famous cyclist lance Armstrong struggled with cancer disease. Due to his strong willpower he was able to overcome the disease and became six-time champion of Tour De France. Live strong message symbolizes live every moment and enjoy the sorrows and happiness.

Apart from Lance strong, other online wristband companies have started selling such a kind of wristband. Whatever money they generate from selling, a certain portion of the sale proceeds is given to the lance strong foundation. Popularity of lance Armstrong wristbands lead to generation of new kind of band.

Personalized silicone bracelets are trendy, inexpensive and fun to wear. Different types of personalized silicone bracelets are Debossed, color-filled, Embossed, Printed and laser engraved etc. Such bracelets make wonderful personalized gift.

The bracelet can be designed with a special phrase or simply the recipient's name. Other ways to use such a kind of wristband are family events, birthday parties, outdoor events, fundraisers, school teams, Religious groups, promotional items and corporate marketing etc.

Due to livestrong bracelet, many people have gained lives. Many poor people don't have money to buy medicines or visit a doctor. But due to lance Armstrong foundation, needy people have benefited. And it's a good way shown by Armstrong to raise funds for various causes. There are people who wish to help others but they might don't know in which way they can help the needy. But because of Lance they had come to know how to contribute their money by buying bracelets.

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