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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Custom Rubber Bracelets Defy The Cynics’ “Slacktivist” Label

Author: Andrew McBride

Although custom rubber bracelets have raised millions of dollars for worthy causes over the past few years, cynics aren’t impressed. Some deride those who wear silicone wristbands “slacktivists,” claiming the wearing of a custom rubber bracelet doesn’t do much beyond giving the wearer a warm fuzzy feeling.

Obviously, selling custom rubber bracelets won’t solve all the problems of the world, but they can make a significant contribution. But what the critics of custom rubber bracelets don’t appreciate is the amazing fundraising power these 100 percent silicone wristbands have. Custom rubber bracelets can be produced very cheaply in huge numbers. That means they can be sold at a very low price, enabling just about anyone who wants one to buy it. What most people fail to realize is that the per-unit profit margin on custom rubber bracelets can be enormous.

That means you can make a significant contribution to your cause or organization by selling custom rubber bracelets. For example, 1000 basic debossed wristbands, with the message of your choice pressed into the silicone, will cost $0.27 each, for a total price of $270. Sell those wristbands for $2 each, and you’ll net $1,730 to donate to your cause. Sell them for $5 each, and you can donate $4,730.

And here’s the best part -- your cost goes down as the order quantity goes up. Order 5,000 custom rubber bracelets and they’re only $0.18 each, for a total of $900. Sell them on campus or through your church at $2 each, and you net $9,100 for a worthy cause. Sell them for $5 each, and your donation soars to $24,100!

Ask Lance Armstrong. His yellow “Livestrong” custom rubber bracelet, the one that started the trend six years ago, has raised millions of dollars worldwide for cancer research. Considering the fact that the Livestrong sell for only $1 each, that’s hardly “slacktivism” in anyone’s book.

Remember too that every custom rubber bracelet you sell will serve as a reminder to others of your organization or cause. Your silicone wristbands will help keep people aware of the issues. Every custom rubber bracelet worn is a chance for someone to ask the wearer what it’s for, a chance to impart information, to gain new support.

So let’s see. The so-called “slacktivists” are showing support for something that’s important to them and raising significant amounts of money for something they believe in by wearing and selling custom rubber bracelets. Can the cynics say that?

Maybe they should ask a school district in northern Ohio that sold custom rubber bracelets to raise money for Haitian earthquake relief. The school district had the wristbands printed with the words “help Haiti heal” right after the devastating January earthquake. Within three weeks, the school district raised nearly $5,000 for earthquake victims. And the custom rubber bracelets being worn by students, faculty, staff and parents helps remind people that Haiti still desperately needs help to recover from the earthquake.

Even the fact that so many causes have adopted the same color custom rubber bracelet to represent many things is a positive attribute. The only way to know for sure what a particular custom rubber bracelet represents is to ask the person wearing it, giving the wearer a chance to explain their cause in depth. Such conversations, sparked by a simple custom rubber bracelet, help lead to greater understanding.

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About the Author: I am Andrew Wrist from Direct Wristbands which is the industry leader in custom rubber bracelets design and production. The company produces wristbands in a variety of sizes, colors and styles to suit any occasion.
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