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Friday, October 15, 2010

Cons of Silly Bandz As Gifts

While there are many pros of Silly Bandz as gifts there are also a few cons of these rubber bracelets as gifts that are worth considering and may or may not influence a person's decision making as to whether or not to buy these as a gift. Many factors are involved in making a gift selection and many of these are considered automatically. Among those factors is the price of the gift, the likes and dislikes of the recipient, the relationship between yourself and the recipient and what the giving of the intended gift might mean on a personal level. Bottom line, sometimes gift giving can be tricky, and giving a bad gift might be worse than giving no gift at all.

The first of the cons of Silly Bandz as gifts is that not everyone is interested in them. While they are popular among all age groups not everyone will put them to use. Kids will trade them, collect them, and wear them as bracelets, but for some people these customized bands seem like a silly fad and simply aren't their style.

The second issue that people might have with Silly Bandz as gifts is that they don't last. According to some online product reviews, these bands are flimsy and snap easily when they are stretched out. Others argue this is only true of the cheap knock offs, but it is something to keep in mind.

Some claim that they are too small to be worn around the wrist and that they are no more durable than an ordinary rubber band. Though some of these reviews are vague, the complaints about durability seem to be directed less at the actual company's brand and more toward other knock-off brands. Regardless, know one likes a gift that breaks any more than the gift giver likes paying for it.

A third issue that can easily arise, and another of the cons of Silly Bandz as gifts is the availability of certain packs and designs. While each of the company's packs is themed such as rain forest, dinosaur, pets, or limited edition releases like Justin Bieber, many complain about their availability. It appears in many cases that customer demand is higher than actual supply and they find many stores sold out of particular sets. This can be irritating to both the collector and the person intending to buy Silly Bandz as a gift to a friend.

While there may be a few cons of this particular fad product as gifts, do not be discouraged. Keep in mind the many factors that play a hand in making a good gift idea, not the least of whether or not the individual will like it or not. When thinking of buying Silly Bandz, keep in mind both the pros and cons of these toys as gifts.

And if you want to know more about Silly Bandz in general, or if you are interested in a very specific pack like Silly Bandz Dinosaurs then please check out that online guide to these popular products.

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