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Friday, July 30, 2010

Silly Bandz Bracelets Live Up to Their Name

Silly Bandz are rubber bands that are made of silicone rubber, molded into different shapes and colored brightly to make it really cool, or really "silly" as they say. These animal bracelets are mostly worn by children of all ages, though it is not uncommon to see young adults falling in love with this new wrist-related trend as if they're feeling nostalgic about the slap bracelet days.

They are becoming quite popular to children because, they tend to love to collect and trade items. These collectible items are perfect for them since it's very cheap. You can buy them by the dozen for only a few dollars. If they lose one, it's no big deal because they're probably wearing 7 more. They won't even notice it's gone, and if they do, it's cheap and easy to replace. Parents and teachers are using these products as a reward in replacement to candies and stickers.

Aside from animal shaped bracelets, there are many other shapes to choose from such as basic shapes (square, triangle, circle), alphabet letters, jets, flowers, baseball and other spots equipment, and the list goes on. When placed on the wrist, it looks like just an ordinary rubber band but taken off, it regains it original shape. This product is highly tough and durable that you can store it anywhere without getting any chance of it being destroyed or broken. They can be used anytime at anywhere without worrying of it being ruined. Another great thing about these little rubber bracelets is that some companies even created a glow in the dark version of it to keep the children entertained at night or in any dark room. We can really expect more customized themes that will come out in the future. I guess we need to keep our eyes opened so we won't be left behind.

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