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Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to Make Rubber Bracelets

By Adele Caelia, eHow Contributing Writer

Rubber bracelets are the new fad among pre-teens and teens. These simple little bracelets can be found everywhere from the grocery store, mall, and even on the counters at the local pharmacy. Rubber bracelets usually feature a catchy phrase or word that expresses the personality of the wearer. You can bring out your own personality by creating stylish rubber bracelets on your own. Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to being a fashion diva.


Step 1 Cover your work area with layers of old newspaper. You may need to layer this a couple of times to prevent the dye from soaking through to your work surface.

Step 2 Prepare the dye in a separate container for each color you wish to use. Set these to the side where they will not be easily knocked over.

Step 3 Choose a rubber band that fits your wrist well. Make sure that the rubber band you choose has enough room to write on if you wish to add text later. Place the rubber band in the color of dye you want. Keep the rubber band sitting in the dye until the color is the desired density and then remove it to dry.

Step 4 Lay the rubber band in front of you as flat as possible. Tape down the ends to prevent movement. Place the stencil over the rubber band and, using a permanent marker, begin to write the desired text.

Step 5 Remove the tape. Allow the bracelet to sit for a few minutes to ensure that the marker is dry and does not smudge.

Tips & Warning

If you have nice handwriting, try printing the text without the stencil

Glue on glitter and other decorations to make your bracelet a real fashion trend.

Be careful with the dye. It is very messy and will stain easily.

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