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Friday, April 30, 2010

Silly Bandz - The New and Bestselling Fashion Accessory

What exactly are Silly Bandz? You might have heard your kids talking non-stop about them and how they are so popular at school. This article focuses on this latest new fashion accessory among kids and where to get them at great deals and prices.

What Are Silly Bandz?

They are perfectly elastic bands which are made up of Silicone (non-toxic) and die. They are available in a variety of shapes and colors.

What Can Silly Bandz Be Used For?

They can be used as

Accessories for dressing your dolls and stuffed toys
Trading game parts

Are Silly Bandz Educational?

Even though Silly Bands are primarily used as fashion accessories, parents think they have an educational value too. If you read customer reviews, you will find how kids are using them as part of trading games which help them in learning the nuances involved in selling, buying and exchanging items.

Are Silly Bandz Only For Kids?

Not really! Parents and Grandparents have taken a liking to these cute little elastic bands as well. And why not? They are funky, trendy and you can make your own style statement using them.

How Do I Use Them?

I use Silly Bandz mainly as anklets. Take a couple of different shaped and colored Silly Bands and adorn them on your ankles. You will look all set to rock a party!

What's The Best Feature Of Silly Bandz?

Silly Bands are highly elastic, which means that these elastic bands can retain their shape even if they were holding an item for a long time. This makes it an ideal accessory if you're into dressing up your dolls. You can use them as necklaces, bracelets or ankles on your dolls and just leave them there, only to find out later on when you remove them that their original shape has been retained.

Why Are Silly Bandz Used As Trading Games Items?

Because they're available in a variety of shapes! They are so many shapes available that kids would want to collect and trade them with their friends. Some like 'Hedgehog' shapes are considered highly valuable in such trading games because they are not easily available.

What Are The Different Types Available?

They are available in a variety of shapes. The most popular shapes at the moment are Rock Bandz shapes. Others include Princess Shapes, Zoo Animals Shapes, Junk Food Shapes, Fantasy Shapes and many more.

How Popular Are They?

are very popular and were one of the best and most popular stocking stuffers last Christmas (2009) and are still in the bestselling list of popular games, toys and accessories! They are being liked by adults and kids alike. Due to their high demand, these bands are being sold out fast from stores and people are preferring to buy them online at great deals and prices.

Where Can I get Silly Bandz?

You can get different shaped Silly Bands at really good prices from the site ' Silly Bandz Fashion Accessory '.

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