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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Balance Bands - How Negative Ions Can Be a Positive

Have you caught on to the latest craze in the world of health and fitness yet? Balance bands, simple little rubber bracelets, are proving to be a real hit amongst sportsmen and women, celebrities and even racing car drivers. David Beckham and Ruebens Barrichello are two such sportsmen who have been caught on camera wearing a balance band recently.

Balance bands are now widely available and if you want to give them a try you will find them surprisingly affordable, despite their celebrity cult following. But what are they and what do they actually do?

It is all seemingly down to the Negative Ions. Don't be misled by the word "negative". These clever little ions are actually very good for us. Negative ions are found all around us and in every living thing. They are thought to produce constant biochemical reactions which help to give us a boost, lifting energy levels whilst we are awake through the day. A balance band helps the wearer by passing more negative ions through the bracelet and into the physiology of the wearer.

The band itself is relatively simple; being made from rubber or silicone but the clever part comes from the natural minerals which are built in to a compartment in the band. These minerals include geranium and tourmaline and these are said to release the negative ions in a natural manner which you cannot see nor feel.

What will Negative Ions do for me?

Scientific research suggests that negative ions can bring about certain health and wellbeing benefits to the wearer, including:

Lower blood pressure
A slower pulse rate
An improvement in circulation
A faster metabolism
An improved immune system
Reduced levels of alkaline in the blood

Wearers have also reported feeling stronger and more flexible whilst wearing a balance band. Balance and stability levels were also said to have increased and when used during exercise the band is said to increase endurance levels.

How will you know that it is working when you start wearing it?

With a good quality balance band you should start to feel that you have more energy, that little extra "spring in your step". You may also find that you sleep much better when wearing it. The improvement to your wellbeing can be felt within hours or it could take days or weeks. Stick with it though!

Balance bands are becoming increasingly popular and their affordability makes them available to the mass market. If you are wondering if they will work for you then the suggestion would be to give one a try. See how the negative ions can work positively on you!

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