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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Power Balance Wristband - Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Power balance wristband as you may or may not heard of, is the latest gear that is used by many pro-athletes. You may notice on ESPN that some pro athletes are wearing this innocuous piece of accessory. No, they didn't wear those because it is just hip or fashionable. There is some reason why athletes are wearing them. That is because Power Balance apparently possesses some kind of 'magic' effect on the athletes performance.

Power balance is the latest rubber bracelet that created a big buzz among sports enthusiast and players. It claimed that it can boost your speed, balance and flexibility. According to their website, power balance has an embedded 'Hologram' or 'mylar' disk that is made from natural earth components. The main explanation seems to be rooted on the Traditional Chinese concept of energy known as "qi or chi". Our is body is vibrating frequencies. These frequencies can either bring wellness and it can also bring imbalance that caused our energy to weaken. When the hologram make contact to the points in the body, they bring harmony and balance in the body by enhancing the positive frequency. Thus apparently making you well balanced and flexible that is beneficial in the performance of athletes.

Golfers, basketball players and surfers among others do swear that they feel their concentration and performance enhanced in many ways. Shaquille O'neal of NBA is impressed by these rubber band that, it 'made his game better'. Golfers said that their focus got tremendous boost simply by wearing these accessory. The internet is flooded with testimonies of people claiming it has not only enhanced their athletic ability but also improve their overall well being.

But many skeptics simply dismissed this as merely placebo effect. They say that the real boost that they get only happen on their mind and their perception. They are dismissive about the claims of manufacturer as simply marketing hype.

But coaches and trainers doesn't really mind their athletes using these products. They think that if something as harmless as a rubber band would help boost the confidence of the athlete either it is placebo or not, they are fine with that.

Power Balance doesn't actually cost that much so for those sports enthusiasts who are intrigued by the claimed benefits and who will do everything to boost their performance, definitely give this one a try.

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