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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why Wearing a Rubber Wrist Band to Promote Your Message is the Best Form of Advertising

LiveProud (glow-in-the-dark)
Thousands upon thousands of people are wearing rubber wrist bands as a symbol of pride, their belief in something or a cause they are associated with. Rubber wristbands have become a fashion statement in themselves.
They come in all colors known, and can be completely customized. Did you know that each color symbolizes a different cause? Pink is for breast cancer, which is a well known one, then there is the yellow which is for Livestrong an awareness program for cancer. However, the most recognised one is red representing AIDS which has replaced the red ribbon that were worn on lapels sleeves.
You don't actually have to support a cause to wear a rubber wristbands, many young and trendy people simply wear them as a fashion accessory. They are so cheap and come in so many different colors that they are a great to accessorize any outfit.
Wristbands come in different materials such as silicone, but rubber wrist bands are the most common as they are so comfortable and are very flexible, lightweight and durable and they can last for ever.
The customization of rubber wristbands is endless, you can now go online and literally design your own wristband with color, design and wording. You can even have your message embossed with a logo, your company name or simply a message which is close to your heart.
They can also be personalized with your name, a friends name or a loved ones name written on the band. Use your imagination and the possibilities are limitless.
Here is a brief breakdown of what a rubber wristband can be used for:
Awareness Programs
They are used to promote awareness of a cause such as cancer or AIDS. This first became popular by Lance Armstrong, the champion cyclist who used a rubber wrist band to promote awareness of cancer through Livestrong.
Business Promotions
If you run a company or small business then use 'giveaway' rubber wristbands out with your company logo or promotional message. They are a very cheap and trendy way to advertise, especially to the younger market.
If you are trying to collect money for a special fundraising cause then why not sell the wristbands. Use them as a tool for people who donate money will get a free rubber wristband.
School, Team and Sporting Spirit
If you are proud of your school, college, team or sporting event then why not have a wristband with the name of it clearly showing.
If you would like to know more about customizing wristbands for your cause and purchase cheap wristbands at bulk prices, then visit Claire's site at Custom Wristbands for further information.
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